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“What was that she smelled? What made the berthed ships rock? Myra stopped stock still. Whatever it was, it was bad. That was the smell from the day her husband died. She smelled doom.” 

A morning walk on my beach

September 8, 1900—Galveston hurricane
THE CANARY and THE CHECKERBOARD offer a glimpse into ordinary lives during this extraordinary time.

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The yellow diamond shines bright!


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Welcome to the blurry place where truth slowly becomes fiction, much like your grandfather’s fishing tales. What was once a minnow becomes a tasty trout. Hushed family secrets of years gone by evolve into wonderful stories. I thank my loved ones for entrusting me with these truths.

Clouds After the StormI invite you to visit MANUSCRIPTS.  Jinny (PDF) is the story of how one little girl knocked the snob out of me. The short story Esther’s Aunt (PDF) is dear to me as I was one of the newly-weds. However the event occurred many years before my marriage.  My debut novel The Canary (PDF) is loosely based on how a most beautiful yellow diamond ended up on my hand. Please enjoy the first chapter. The lives of Myra and Julia are amazing.  It's sequel, THE CHECKERBOARD, is two stories in one. As the women wait, their sailor men are challenged with death, robbers, and an out of control twelve year old. What do you do with a drunken sailor?