Jacqueline T. Moore's "Basket of Beach"

I was born in Ohio and have lived and taught in Nebraska, New York, and North Carolina. These experiences of cultural differences were amazing. I learned so much. (See the short story Jinny (PDF) under MANUSCRIPTS.)  Two children and a divorce later, I landed back home in Dayton where I met my second husband, now deceased.  After many years of caregiving for his early onset Alzheimer’s disease, I am free to write, read, and travel.

"Winter Beach Read" by Jacqueline T. MooreSome people called me a snowbird because I spent a lot of time in South Carolina. Not so. I was returning to my deep-seated roots. Now, as a full-time resident of the Palmetto State, I am a certified beach bum!

Rocks on the beach
As a writer and an educator, my entire life has been surrounded by words. I savor the sounds and sense of letters put together to create a lasting memory. Hopefully my stories will be appreciated for a very long time.


Jacqueline T. Moore

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