September 8, 1900
Five Thousand Lives Blotted Out


The headlines say it all. Death, destruction, and desolation is everywhere on Galveston Island. The papers don’t mention the survivors.

The Checkerboard by Jaqueline T. MooreTHE CHECKERBOARD, sequel to THE CANARY, continues the story of Myra Gallaway, her new husband CB, and Black Jack and his new wife, Marguerite, the ‘red-headed colored gal.’ The men showed that, against all odds, a mixed ship sails well. The wives band together in the house in LaPorte to prove the same to their new neighborhood. All seems to go as expected until that crazy gypsy, Lulah Marie, shows up and practically sets the house on fire.

Myra’s eldest, Junior, is in serious trouble and his rebellion landed him in jail on Galveston Island. His only hope for redemption lies in a very unusual punishment. The boy is forced to sail with the man he hates, his step father, CB Ledbetter. This voyage will either make or break Myra’s family. After all, what do you do with a drunken sailor? Only time will tell.