The Canary

By Jacqueline T. Moore

Myra Gallaway, a young widow with five children, supports her family by walking the wharves of Galveston selling homemade sweets.

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The Checkerboard

By Jacqueline T. Moore

Sure Foot and Jack are at it again. What do you do with a drunken sailor? Serve his brandy neat.

Speaking of booze, you should see what happens to a twelve year old after his first night on the town. Sigh. Poor thing.

Lulah Marie Dubonet was trained as gypsy royalty by her mama and her nana. What the elder women did not realize was that their princess didn’t do her homework. Just ask her how to sage away the evil. EEK!

The Checkerboard by Jacqueline T. Moore


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By Jacqueline T. Moore
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Say Hi For Me

By Jacqueline T. Moore

A true story about how my late husband and I were rescued by an angel in a freezing snow storm. I hope you enjoy it.

"Say Hi For Me" by Jacqueline T. Moore


By Jacqueline T. Moore

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By Jacqueline T. Moore

Jinny (PDF) tells the story of how the school mates of a young disabled  girl give a teacher the most important lesson of her life.
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Esther's  Aunt

By Jacqueline T. Moore

The wisteria screening the front porch of an old family's home hides the  private lives of three generations living there, including a fatal pact between two very strong women.

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