Wonderful news! THE CORNERPOST and THE CANARY COMPANION COOKBOOK are now in edit! Can't wait to get my hands on the final rewrite.


MAJOR HOORAY! THE CORNERPOST is off to beta read edit. Getting very excited for submission to Solstice Publishing. This is the final installment of THE CANARY trilogy. The title represents major decisions many of the characters must face. Will they continue on or will they turn the corner? And…how in the world will Theo control his jumpities?

Life as a Carolina girl has been amazing. What used to be a vacation house is now a home. There is an old camp song about “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold.” Every day in every way I am getting richer and richer. 

My life is topsy-turvy. The Ohio house sold quickly and I am moving soon to South Carolina to become a full-time toes in the sand kind of girl. I have a very special room there that is used as a writer's den. That is, until the kids show up. Then the laptop goes in my bedroom and the room turns into a dormatory. *giant smile*

The catagory of 'Sweet Read' means no explicit sex scenes. My books have a kiss or two, and a honeymoon behind shut doors. I am proud that no one would be embarassed to share my stories. However, a reader recently told me that my books have cussing in them. Yep, sailors don't say “Gosh darn, golly whiz!” However, these sailors do not drop F bombs. Sweet does not have to be  saccharine.

I am full steam ahead writing THE CORNERPOST, the (maybe) conclusion to the series set in Galveston. In history there is a hurricane brewing in the next couple of years. I really don't want the put my families through another horrible disaster. Just like the other titles, THE CORNERPOST has more meaning than it implies. Working hard to gitterdun!

You can now get THE CANARY and THE CHECKERBOARD at​ The news came out of the blue, yes Walmart blue. Canary Collection BookmarksWhat a way to end the summer! 

This summer has been full of fun with my kids and grands.  I promised myself that I would play as much as possible. Since Father's Day I have had small, and not so small, children in the house. Two boys, ages five and six, kept me going for a week. THEN the teen boy and his two preteen sisters arrived practically the next day after the little ones went home. I have been in Grandma Heaven!

South Carolina is beautiful. The flowers are rioting! In the past few days I have been invited to present and read the books in six different locations. Guess I better hit the beach while I can. Love to sit at the edge of the surf and watch the waves come straight at me.

Back home from the big city. Loved being Dorothy visiting Oz. I'm now settled in South Carolina for the summer. People often ask me if there will be another book about Myra and the gang. YES. They ask if there is a title. YESTHE CORNERPOST. They ask if I am working on it.  The official answer is YES. The real answer is “Later.  Heading to the beach!”

BEA-BookExpo America- is just around the corner.  Stop by booth 2320 on May 14th at McCormack Place in Chicago. i will be dressed as Widow Myra, signing both THE CANARY  and THE CHECKERBOARD.

April 30 is the Dayton Book Expo at Sinclair Community College. This is the largest showcase of local authors in the Miami Valley area. Click on the link below to find out more. I will be dressed as t he main character Myra.  Look for her widow's weeds and stop by to chat. Major blast!  Loved seeing so many good friends.  Thanks for coming out.

                                    TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS  (I'm over the moon)

Thank you, Dayton Public Library, for your sponsorship at the Dayton Book Expo, April 30.

Thank you, Solstice Publishing, for your sponsorship at the Chicago BEA-BookExpo America, May 11-13, and Book
Con May 14. 

      I'm suffering from who'dathunk-itis.  

Letter Man

                               FREE GIVEAWAY

Solstice Publishing is giving away a wonderful cookbook, SWEETS FOR MY SWEET.  I am very proud to be featured. Myra's cookies, Missus Annie's pound cake, and Arabel Gaither's pecan pie are waiting for you. Just click on the “Sweets For My Sweet” above.  Happy baking.

Thank you, Dayton Metro Library, for your sponsorship at the Dayton Book Expo on Saturday, April 30. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Dayton area local authors. Stop by Sinclair Community College Ponitz Conference Center 11am-4pm where I will be signing THE CANARY and THE CHECKERBOARD. See you there!

I was honored to be among the nominees for Solstice Publishing's author of the year. Although I did not win, I was thrilled to be nominated. Thank you so much for your vote.

THE CHECKERBOARD paperback is available! Can't wait to hold my baby.

SO VERY PROUD! Today the Kindle version of THE CHECKERBOARD was released. WOW! Paperback is in production. I can't wait!


Out to lunch to celebrate and then back to work. Just like THE CANARY, this sequel will have wonderful recipes and a book club guide.

THE CHECKERBOARD, 4th rewrite, is finished and submitted.  Within a half hour after submission, my 10 year old laptop fried. Sigh…went shopping. 


Say Hi For Me is a true story about how my late husband and I were rescued by anSay Hi For Me by Jacqueline T. Moore

angel in a freezing snow storm.  I don't have a release date, but I know it will be soon. I hope you enjoy it.

First draft edits of THE CHECKERBOARD are coming in from the readers. WOW!  These people are superhard workers. Thank you Beth Withrow, Julie Jacobs, and George James, and Pat Rinehart for all you are doing. I honor you!

SMILE   So very nice to be asked for advice. Karen King's Blog - Tip Sheet Tuesday


The first draft of THE CHECKERBOARD is out to edit. Just like this wall climbing snail, it was a slow, long journey. Sure, some old friends hung around from THE CANARY, but there were new characters that kept yelling in my ear. You can not ignore Lulah Marie, Jake, and Ollie.

THE CANARY had a birthday party.

July 12 I hosted a wonderful belated launch party. I celebrated with a large room of South Carolina friends. Thank you all for coming!

Jumble CookiesMyra's cookies are featured in Summer Thrills Summer Chills Cookbook. Check out the dessert section. YUM!

Summer in South Carolina = part work, part play, and part ee. I am learning how to slow down and smell the magnolias.

I love being called 'Missy'. Thank you for your kind words, Steve Pribish. (see Reviews)

Steve Pribish

The radio interview with Beach Author Network was so much fun. Robert made me very comfortable.  It was the fastest 1/2 hour on record. Thank you, Robert. This is his link.  Go visit with Robert.

Soooo, I'm loading my car parked in front of the Sidney library when a man rushed up. “Are you the author? My wife wants a book.” With a Mae West vamp I said, “I've never taken money in the middle of the street before,” and did a book signing on the hood of my car!

I am working on THE CHECKERBOARD, sequel to THE CANARY. Once you read about Sure Foot and Jack, you will understand the title.

What do you do with a drunken sailor?  Keep him drunk.

I know what to do when a boy sneaks out his bedroom window. Uhm…shut the window and grab the broom.

May I suggest you not ask Lulah Marie to tell your fortune? She has no idea that she has no idea!

I saw this wonderful man pictured above in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The title is OVERLFOW XI by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. I was thrilled with the concept of too many words to contain in one person. My writing is my overflow.

The Twisted Tree by Jacqueline T. MooreLook what the power of nature can do. Was this tree struck by lightening or twisted by wind? Why do the rest of them stand tall?

THE CANARY is released by Summer Solstice, a division of Solstice Publishing with audio book options.

This novel is full of fun language. The story is fine as frog's hair. Being a nosy Rosy, between you, me, and the gatepost, I learned that even a high horse can buck.  Just ask CB Ledbetter. Uncle Harry's coffee is so strong it could get a job. Too bad Aunt Ada has a heart of gold 'cause she was givin' away the store. Harry sent her to the Church hen house.  There she could be as charitable as she wants.

Recently a family member expressed the opinion that THE CANARY better not be revealing any family secrets. SHHHH! They will never know. Those words were spilled long ago.