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CRAZY KIDNAPPERS COLD BEER & SWEET REVENGE Thoroughly Gen X Millie Series – Book 2 cover 1


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You never know when Christmas dreams can turn into terrifying nightmares. Marilee and Jonathan Grant, stranded in their car on the curve of an icy superhighway, knew there was no hope in the deep-freezing storm. Then there was a knock on the window.

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Myra Gallaway, a young widow with five children, supports her family by walking the wharves of Galveston selling homemade sweets. She never imagined joining forces with husband-hating church society queen, Julia Jameson. Myra’s apron pockets are soon filling up with the unspendables smuggling friends Sure Foot and Black Jack need to move. Everybody knows that a sailor cannot spend what he does not earn. My goodness, those gems are one serious problem!

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The headlines say it all. Death, destruction, and desolation is everywhere on Galveston Island after the 1900 hurricane. The papers don’t mention the survivors. THE CHECKERBOARD, sequel to THE CANARY, continues the story of Myra Gallaway, her new husband CB, Black Jack, and his new wife, Marguerite.  Myra’s eldest, Junior, is in serious trouble, landing him in jail on Galveston Island. What do you do with a drunken sailor, especially if he is just 12 years old?

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Being crazy rich is one thing.  Pretending to be poor in the fancy town of LaPorte, Texas, is altogether different. After all, a sailor cannot spend what he does not earn. THE CORNERPOST, final installment of THE CANARY trilogy, presents huge challenges to Myra and Marguerite, who need to get it through their husbands’ thick skulls that they are done doing without, and a spending plan better be forthcoming.

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Aunt Ada’s warm biscuits dripping with sweet honey, Esther’s homemade noodles and stewed chicken, and, of course, Cookie’s grits. Sigh…THE CANARY trilogy is filled with the pleasures of the dining room. Enjoy being carried into their kitchens with an accompanying visit hosted by Myra, CB, Marguerite, and Jack. Bite into Myra’s jumbles or Missus Annie’s pound cake, but whatever you do, don’t forget to pass the coffee!

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Susan Taylor, almost single mother of two little ones, takes the advice of Mickey Mouse, the Grinch who kicked her out of church choir, and a giant house plant named Grindle to save Christmas. Susan doesn’t dare tell her wide-eyed children that she can’t afford even the smallest tree for Santa.  December Christmas TV fills the evenings with Frosty, Charlie Brown, and Disney’s ‘Fantasia’. Those marching brooms, the church’s discarded greenery, and Susan’s ingenuity rescues the day. Too bad Grindle the Christmas Dog Bush gets all the credit.

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After Mildred Booth gets fired, is handed a box of cash from a long gone hubby and hooks up with a guy she didn't know could land her in jail, Millie realizes that destroying rat-bastard Alex Strongman is much more productive than watching Let's Make a Deal with her psychic parrot, Boo. As the song says, girls just want to have fun, and when it isn't, sweet revenge is the only answer!

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Welcome to my new web site. It represents a fresh me and a very different genre. While all my books in the past were "sweet read", rated G, this new adventure in writing is "steamy comedy", PG+ and hotter. If you remember Boone's Farm and back seats, you will enjoy meeting Millie and her revenge seeking BFFs.

* So excited to announce that all my books have been picked up by Audiobooks. You can listen to AI samples when you click on the links above. *


This was a sweet story with all the 80s nostalgia you would expect - there really is big hair, cold beer, and sweet revenge. Things we have forgotten about ourselves as a society show up in bold, sometimes uncomfortable truths. The main character also learns MUCH more about herself and the people around her, past and present. Most of all, while the family you are born to can certainly choose to help or spectacularly hurt you, it’s the family that you choose that matters most.
I can’t wait for more Millie!


The nostalgic vibes don’t mask the bigger truths. Chosen family can help us through the difficult times and the best know that sometimes we need a romp, sometimes we need a helping hand, and sometimes we just need revenge!!


Wonderful story! I certainly could relate to the main character! I cannot wait for the next book so I can see what happens next!


I thoroughly enjoyed this cleverly written book. It is relatable, humorous, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Anxiously awaiting the next book in the promised series.


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Jacqueline T. Moore works and plays in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She says, “Living in the south makes me a sunflower…and a beach bum!” As a writer and educator, Jacqueline surrounds herself with words. She savors the sounds and sense of letters put together to create a lasting memory. 

BIG HAIR COLD BEER & SWEET REVENGE is Book I in the adventures of Millie and the Revenging Angels.   The true short story SAY HI FOR ME shares one of the most harrowing days of her life. Her debut novel THE CANARY and its sequel THE CHECKERBOARD are inspired by a most beautiful yellow diamond ring and the whispered family secrets about its history. THE CORNERPOST is the final visit with Myra, CB and all the children, but if you are hungry for more, take a look at THE CANARY COMPANION COOKBOOK.   THE BROOMSTICK CHRISTMAS TREE is a heartwarming story about a young single mother who can't afford a Christmas tree for her two little ones. 

Visit her at  www. and on Facebook @ Jacqueline T. Moore, and at Instagram@ jacqueline.t.moore for conversations and updates.

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Couldn't resist a shirt to match the bookmark. No more 1900's widow's weeds for me. BTW, I was a very unsuccessful snorkeler!

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